Saturday, January 15, 2011

maybe this is last update MY blog.....

huhuhu so sad lo..maybe this is the last update post 4 this year until my SPM finish..huhu erm..this year im going to 5 Baiduri..last year 4 Zamrud..naik class maa...but got PN FAEIZAH as my class teacher.....OMG!!!!
syafz sabar,dugaan..huhu
but im still with my beloved friend keyna chan n cq chia!!!hahaha i got lot pf friend..erm Carol,Fasha,Hikmah,n ...erm forgot already..hehe soe..this year may be the studyhard year 4 me b/cos last year i dont understand of full subjek..oh damn!!!huhu ya Allah mudah2an taun ni lebih berjaye lebih ag tuk SPM akn dtg...huhu i think that so....erm after Spm o maybe when my mom n dad give me to open the internet i will update this blog..thats all 4 me....hehee
(saje nk test bi..nnti bi teacher PN HAYATI!!!!!! nk soal pasl novel...mampos aq argh!!)

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